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2013 Progrip 6012 Adult Motocross Graphic Pants – Multicolour

New polyester material is especially chosen for a enhanced durability

  • The insert of the special reinforced net in front and in the rear part, increase the airflow to maintain your body as fresh as possible
  • Ergonomic pre-curved cut to fit the riders position
  • New hi resistance X cutter elastic fabric for perfect and free movement of the body on the bike
  • Increased knee size with vertical and horizontal elastic band to fit with all knee protections and maximize the stretch of this part
  • Hi-resistance Kevlar insert with inner cotton layer that protects from heat off the exhaust pipe
  • Fly-cam waist closure with elastic waistband with silicone strap.
  • Progrip 6012-2013 Motocross/Enduro Graphic Pants matches the Progrip 7012-2013 Motocross Graphic Shirt
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • £149.99