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DT-1 Air Power Cage for Suzuki RM 125-250 '04> RMZ 250 '07> RMZ 450 '06

*** Note This Cage is for Standard Fitment Filters Only***

DT-1 Powerflow aluminium cages are a high quality replacement for your standard plastic air filter cage. When you use the DT-1 cage together with their flame retardant pre-oiled air filter, you don’t need to have a backfire screen. The screen-less cage with there pre-oiled air filter is sure to give your bike a healthy increase in horsepower and throttle response. These systems are currently being used by Factory teams such as Red Bull KTM, Yamaha Monster Energy, Two Two Motorsports Honda and L&M Yamaha.

Free flowing cage design without backfire screen improves peak horsepower.

Free flowing cage design without backfire screen improves low end throttle response.

This cage is designed for use with your standard air filter fitments and is most effective when using the flame retardant pre-oiled air filters.

Aluminium construction increases tension on the filter seal to reduce dirt passing under the sealing lip.

Better locating cage design eases filter fitting.

Must be used in conjunction with DT-1 flame retardant bio filter oil.